Whatever challenges you want to face, Runners Mindset custom training programs will help you reach your goals.

Reach your goals

Like life, running is a process and there is no one size fits all.

Complete Training

Learn the importance of pace variance, injury prevention, hydration, fueling and more…

All ages and abilities

There’s no age or speed requirement to learn how to become a better, more efficient runner.

Sarasota, Florida Running

Sarasota, Florida training programs for running fitness, speed, races, personal health and mental strength.

Need for speed?

Discover why and how you can make the shift from how hard to how good!

Personalized training

Train for fitness, speed, or an upcoming race — personalized training programs to help you reach your goals.

Have a race and/or weight loss goal in mind and wondering or struggling on how to get there? Coach Holly Johnson has helped dozens of runners and fitness-oriented people reach their race and weight loss goals through her personalized training and coaching programs.  

Learn how you can get to where you want to be and adopt a more positive approach to training, life, and overall wellbeing.

“Thank you, one more time, for helping me add this dimension to my life.  Your initial assurance that you want to work with people for whom running is part of their life, not their life, is being borne out for me.  I am so grateful for the gift you have helped me give myself.  And now I am a runner.”

Ian Bland

Ian Bland, Sarasota

“I`m 58 years old, thought I would start running some 5K`s, really liked it but  I was always hurting, my hip, my feet, I needed help, somehow I found Holly, she has helped me so much though my learning curve. I`ve learned better forum, how to train properly, I`ve finished 3rd. in my age group 3 times this year, I`m really happy to have her as my Coach.”

Tom Y., Sarasota

“Holly is the best! She is highly professional and a spectacular motivator. She guided me to incorporate exercise and better food choices into my life. She was always there for me. I finally lost that 15 pounds!”

Beth B, Sarasota, FL

“I started training with Holly Johnson in the fall of 2014.  I had already run a couple of half marathons, but wanted to improve my running form and time and better my overall knowledge of the sport.  We discussed my running history, conditioning, nutrition, running goals, and target races and Holly tailored a customized training program for me.  We meet up twice a week for a speed session and long run and Holly stays in touch with constant communication to see how my training is going.  Holly is a great communicator and has nurtured my self-confidence and gotten me through a few minor injuries.  I always feel ready and trained for all of my races and this helps my self-confidence and overall performance.  I always hear Holly’s voice in my head during every race ‘Run smart to finish strong.’  This is my 4th year of running with Coach Holly and I am continuing to get stronger and faster each year.”

Marcy M., Sarasota, FL

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