Tired of those overly hot, rained out or missed evening workouts? Time to rise and shine.  Yes, you can re-set your inner clock to get up early but like anything else in training, it does take commitment. More often than not it means turning tech off so you can drift off at an earlier hour.  Start by going to bed/sleep 15 minutes earlier over the course of 4-5 days until you readjust your sleep hours so you’re still getting the much needed 8 hours (7 minimum for people in training).  It may take a few tired days to have it kick in but you’ll soon find your ready for bed at an earlier hour since you’re getting up earlier too.  Added bonus? People who exercise in the morning typically weigh less or manage their weight better and get more workouts in (get the correlation?).

For more click here for a PDF from the Herald-Tribune

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