Florida Health Doctors

Florida Health Doctors is a locally owned and operated resource center for health and whole body wellness. Using gentle and specific Chiropractic adjustments as well as Sympathetic/Parasympathetic balancing techniques to properly align one’s body, patients are able to find relief recent to chronic pain and ailments while also discovering their full healing potential. Whether you work at a desk, travel weekly or are involved in competitive sports, our team is here to help you fully meet and exceed your health care goals.



A boutique marketing firm dedicated to developing fluid, distinct and highly effective branding solutions with years of experience in sports marketing, consumer products, F&B, hospitality and business-to-business programs.  They mix words, images, design, strategy and most of all, passion, to create innovative programs with the greatest value for your marketing dollar with supreme emphasis on generating tangible results that impact your bottom line.

Cora Physical Therapy

CORA Physical Therapy is an outpatient rehabilitation company that uses proven clinical practices and cost-effective treatment protocols to return patients to the work, sports, and lives they love, fast. They offer a complete range of services, including outpatient physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy, worker’s compensation, sports, and auto injury rehabilitation, and rehabilitation for seniors. When in-clinic visits are not an option, CORA offers a virtual therapy experience through telehealth, and with Direct Access, no physician’s referral is needed, so patients can start feeling better right away.

Runner’s Mindset

The parent company for, Runner’s Mindset is a coaching-based business drawing upon the positive mindset principles of Founder Holly Johnson, a 27-time marathon finisher, who adapted this way of thinking that helped her go from average to achieving as a runner, triathlete and marketing professional.  Her success story and tips have been featured in Business Observer, Sarasota Observer, Herald-Tribune, and in blogs and articles on

Michael J. Belle Real Estate Law

Seal your real estate deal with all the necessary closing documents as well as the ability to mitigate any last-minute closing issues that often arise, often when least expected.  The experienced legal team is well versed in handling all types of real estate closings and litigations, from producing the closing disclosure (CD) and drafting all the necessary documents to resolving complex real estate issues, including purchase and sale disputes, construction claims, eminent domain, landlord-tenant disputes, leases and subleases, claims involving adverse possession, prescriptive easements, quiet title and other issues relating to real property. Whether your case involves residential or commercial real estate, Michael J. Belle Law Firm is here to help.


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