Pre-Run Dynamic Warm-Up


Works: Neck, shoulders, hips, glutes

Head Rolls — Starting from the head down, gently roll your head around to the right five times and then five to the left

Shoulder Rolls — Roll your shoulders up and around to the back and then from the back to the front. Do five in each direction.

Swinging Hip and Arm Twists – Gently twist your hips and arms in a swinging motion left to right.  Think about extending through the opposite hip to stretch out the hip flexors. Do a total of five left and right.

Dynamic Lunge – lift right knee up to where it is parallel to the group and then quickly lunge back in a short lunge.  Do ten on the left and then repeat on the right side.

Runner’s Step Kickbacks – mimicking a dynamic running step without moving, slightly lift right knee up, and then back and forth as quickly as possible. Switch sides. Do 15-20 each side.

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